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Neuromanagement : scientific approach linking brain sciences to the world of management professionals.

Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach: discipline of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies; scientific approach which makes it possible to understand the human and the modes of decision to act with / on him in coherence with his projects and values (psychology of the attitude).

It creates the link between attitude change and the brain structures involved. 

One of the specificities consists in not being interested in the origin of the disorder but in the “immediate why” by seeking the answer in the inner mental mode of the person.

Cognitive sciences : multidisciplinary approach with a theoretical side and an experimental side (reasoning, language, memory, attention, perception) in which knowledge is built, used and transmitted.

Cognitive science studies the mechanisms of thought (human, animal or artificial) to explain the functioning of the human mind using data from the following sub-disciplines: anthropology, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, neuroscience and artificial intelligence.

Anthropotechnology : aims to solve problems posed by the arrival of new technology in an environment different from that which gave birth to it. 

Anthropology of techniques : technology transfer with all stakeholders and questioning of the first definition in favor of a focus on innovation dynamics (Geslin, 2002).