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  Managers in career transition

Objectives of the coaching ANTHROPOCOACHING

  • You are currently in a position (or looking for one) and need strategic coaching in the face of a managerial problem (job search, stress/conflict management, burnout)
  • You are looking for an external facilitator who will help you step back in the face of an unsatisfactory situation
  • You wish to take stock of your managerial positioning step by step  so that you can take the most appropriate decision and put it into practice



  • My coaching strategy is personalised and based on the objectives to be achieved
  • My systemic approach : you, your professional problem, your company within our current  VUCA environment (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous)
  • Double expertise: Certified ANC Practitioner and Innovation Management (MBA) to help you understand brain mechanisms and motivation
  • During my coaching, I share with you relaxation techniques inspired by my “energy pratice”, which can help you if necessary




  • As a practitioner I am a facilitator :

From my experience in the world of business and personal development, I aim to assist you in understanding and overcoming your obstacles in your professional context (crossing a course, managing  change, relationship difficulties, etc …) in order to regain your full autonomy.

My mission: a methodology and tools to manage the coaching process and lead you to analyse your present in order to reach your future goal.

At the crossroads of advances in several research fields (neuroscience, cognitive psychology, behavioral sciences) for 30 years, the operational scientific Neurocognitive and Behavioral  Approach (NBA) developed by Dr Jacques FRADIN  since 1987 makes it possible to understand the functioning of the human being in the face of change, to manage emotions and motivation and to resolve the dysfunctions experienced in an organisation.



The practitioner and her/his client :

You live in a problematic situation and wish to undertake a change. I will take you to verbalize this request and then to define it as a concrete objective achievable through an action plan.

Together, we define a framework allowing you to find yourself the keys that will allow you to unlock situations and evolve at your own pace by asking yourself about your fundamentals: values, limits, needs, beliefs and resistance to change…

I must first validate the possibility of meeting your expectations before designing the coaching program that will integrate the different steps to follow as well as recommending you to a colleague if I am unable to carry out the mission.

My work is based on the state of mind in which you will approach the situation. The NBA practitioner helps you  adopt attitudes in line with yourself and your environment: building your success or managing your transition periods.



Creating a climate of trust and confidentiality formalized by a two-party contract signed upstream between you and me. All information discussed  is strictly confidential in order to meet an ethical approach.

The course of the support program is built according to your objective and invites you to undertake new strategies by mobilizing new resources using knowledge and techniques from  the Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach.

This personalities analysis field distinguishes the different drivers of your progress: your internal motivations  from your external motivations and your ambitions from your requirements.

A session is structured as follows: assessment of the previous session, problematic defined and transformed into an objective, then implementation of tools to achieve this objective. At the end of each session, you receive a report of the session by email and the exercises to be performed.

Halfway through the coaching, we take stock of your progress and at the end of the coaching, a closing session provides a review and a perspective.

I am responsible for your support, you are responsible for carrying out the actions previously defined.

The number of sessions varies from person to person and can be complementary with medical therapy because coaching is not a substitute for medical device. During our coaching, in the case of blockages linked to the past that prevent you from moving forward in the present, I can advise you on specialist therapists. Coaching is therefore not consulting, training or therapy.

Support has even more impact if it is decided as a preventive measure.

As a practitioner, I must be able to constantly question myself and analyze the progress of your sessions in the context of supervisions in order to maintain and develop the quality of my sessions.



From 5 to 7 sessions of 1h30 each at a rate of one session every 3 weeks (variable), i.e. a duration of between 3 and 6 months maximum (in order to avoid any relationship of dependence and guarantee the reliability of the coaching). If necessary, work and personality tests can be requested between each session.

Work and personality tests may be requested between each session (including the PRISMO® Profiling Tool to identify your professional potential through your behavioral, motivational and technical profile with personalized report).

The first contact session is free to allow us to chat and leave you the choice of the coach. Coaching can be stopped at any time depending on your needs.

  • PRICE :

125 € per session or package available upon request (special price for students).

Price only in France. For any request from abroad, please contact me.


Individual remote session  or face-to-face meeting (business company).