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« Knowledge awakens your capabilities, Experience enhances your skills »

Alain Leblay


When I was young, because of my dual culture and a keen sense of observation, I dreamed of being an anthropologist and travelling to distant lands to study the behaviour of societies of the past with all the impact that change has on the present.

In order to satisfy this desire, I studied a Master in Foreign Languages ​​Applied to International Trade at Savoie Mont Blanc University (France), which allowed me to discover Cuba, China, Algeria, the United States, Central America and Mexico where I lived for 4 years.

My attraction for interculturalism, the analysis of customer behavioral data and the improvement of organizational processes lead me to occupy positions as Sales Administration  and International Marketing Manager in the food and pharmaceutical industries for 15 years with a customer-centric approach. In order to help me manage this new challenge within listed companies, I was passionated about running and followed a coaching program until doing several half-marathons.


The interest in pushing my limits and the mental / body connection will fascinate me

Thanks to some managers who have become mentors, I left my comfort zone by continuing to train myself to discover all the complexity of the key factors of success of a team whithin relational and digital contexts.

I have decided to study a 3-year MBA Technology Management with The Open University Business School (UK), triple accreditation AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS. The aim is to support human change in a professional technological context – on an individual and collective level – for a better well-being within the company.

Leading change during one’s working life


After having participated in the launch of products/services in France and internationally, and while in my close circle of friends, entrepreneurs have failed, I decided to start my own business to try a new marathon, that of entrepreneurship- I was very shy as a child.


Today, I help my clients to launch themselves and to take care of their path in the professional challenges they have to face: finding a job, launching and developing their business, federating and motivating their teams through a solution-oriented approach (consulting) and an evolution-oriented approach (coaching and training) :

  • Students with the GETTING STARTED COURSE to improve public speaking (tutoring, company search seminar, recruitment interviews) on behalf of  YAPUKA.ORG
  • Entrepreneurs with the REBOUND COURSE to improve their business skills
  • Managers with the ORCHESTRATE YOUR TEAMS COURSE to improve their neuro-managerial skills with their teams via 2 training programmes: Brain and motivation strategy & Emotions and innovation strategy


I have started a personal therapeutic work through a psycho-corporal approach in order to better help individuals through change period.

Aiming at transforming my brakes into strengths, this other marathon in the discovery of emotions will lead me to take an interest in epigenetics and in Clinical EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) via the IFPEC.

With the brain in the spotlight for several decades, a scientific training in Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach (NBA) at the Institute of Neurocognitivism (Paris) will bring me the necessary knowledge and complete my  experience in this field.

Change is integrated when it goes through the 3 dimensions: cognitive, emotional and behavioral. Convinced, I therefore use this Brain-Body-Behavior dimension (B3) during my individual and collective coachings. Since the individual approach is ultimately close to that of a company, it is necessary to “de-compartmentalize” and to realize that all the “Cells/Departments” are “interconnected” to face the major challenges of tomorrow.

In 2020, I went back to my geographic roots (Annecy) and in parallel to my role as a family caregiver for 4 years, which led me to better manage stress and emotions, I created my company  ANTHROPOTECHNO: “anthropos”, Greek root which means “man” and “téchnē” for technology which means “art, skills”.


``Skill to be developed by Humans in order to achieve mastery of new knowledge, be it technological (hard skills) or behavioral (soft skills) ``




With my practical knowledge of the business world, my multidisciplinary academic background and my experience in personal development, I help you to make change an ally and to overcome the obstacles on your professional pathway.



“Think about who you want to be instead of what you want to do”


ANTHROPOPHANY :  “Bringing out the luminosity of the human being”

I will guide you in a personalized way in order to help you improve your business and managerial skills through :

  • My Mantra Work smarter, Play better” 
  • A structured support strategy inspired by the Neurocognitive and Behavioural Approach (NBA)
  • Parallels between cognitive neuroscience and strategic management of new technologies (MBA)
  • A systemic approach (individual, managerial and organisational) to better face the challenges of tomorrow.
  • Depending on your needs and if you want to go further, I can refer you to experts specialised in their field of activity: digital professions (marketer, writer, website designer) and human professions (dietician, therapist, specialist coach)


Actively practicing various relaxation techniques (Qi gong, sound relaxation) and being surrounded by people with strong professional expertise related to sound (sonologist, psycho-acoustician), I keep interested in the interaction of sound, called ``ANTHROPOPHONY`` (set of sounds produced by human activity such as voice, music, manipulated objects) and cognitive neuroscience.



• Consultant and trainer Change Management Linkedin profile HERE


Certified Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach Practitioner IME CONSEIL

Volunteer Business Consultant NGO  THE GROW MOVEMENT

Certified Marketing Manager (Professional French Federation)  CEGOS

• One-year exchange specialized in international marketing, UDLA, Mexico

• Master 1 Foreign Languages applied to International trade, France